Giromin is a digital dance and music instrument that allows you to electronically produce sounds from free gestures. Like a Teremin, movements in the air produce sounds, but the Giromin is a wearable instrument that turns the body into a musical instrument, allowing you to make music and dance at the same time.

It was developed in 2014 by me at the beginning of the Batebit Artesania Digital. It is an instrument where motion sensor modules (accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers) can be attached to different limbs of the body. The information captured by the sensors is sent wirelessly to a sound synthesis module. The infinite possibilities of this instrument allow its adaptation to diverse uses.

It has already been used by several musicians and dancers in rapid assessments, where they have explored numerous ways of use, fixing it on the head, arms, hand, trunk and legs. It can be used as controller of analog synthesizers, digital or processing the sounds of acoustic or analog instruments. Because it is a wireless instrument, it can be either an individual instrument or a collaborative instrument, that is, played by more than one person at a time.

He was used in several jam sessions and occasional presentations by Helder Vasconcelos, Claudio Rabeca, Babi Jaques and myself and in the show Pachka + Batebit.

It can be used with proprietary hardware, and can attach sensors and actuators in addition to motion sensors, such as buttons attached to fingers, or can be used through a smartphone application.

follow the videos of these presentations:

Teaser Pachka + Batebit

Complete Presentation Pachka + Batebit. From (7:30) there is a scene where I use controlling an analog synthesizer collaboratively with Miguel Mendes on the keyboard.


Jam Session: Helder Vasconcelos with Giromin

Jam Session with Cláudio Rabeca com Giromin and then Helder Vasconcelos playing the Giromin in collaboration with Claudio’s rabeca (instrument similar to the violin) (10:40)

Babi Jaques with the Giromin


Giromin Evaluations:

















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